Frank Laporte-Adamski

Fasciapulsology and naturopath

Inventor of the Adamski method and author of the references books "The Food Revolution","The Adamski’s Diet" and "Digerisco"


Frank Laporte-Adamski, 60 years old, is an fasciapulsology and naturopath, and practice his method worldwide since nearly 30 years.

Author of his references books "The Nutrition Revolution”, "Digerisco" and “ The Adamski’s Diet", Frank Laporte-Adamski is registered at the professional association of Naturopaths Ele.Na number 107/1 (Italia), member of the Naturopathic Practitioners Association number 01153 (England, 2001) and graduated Heilpratiker nr.266 (Germany, 1988).

He is residing in Italy since nearly 20 years. He also intervenes in SPA spaces of several hotels where his technique is practiced (food and handedness).