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The latest patients’ testimonials

Jacques Rougé - Geneva, February

The visit went very well, the Group was composed of eight students. I arrived at 8:45 and we took ten minutes to swap. Then the course started at 9 sharp. I took the course until the 10:15 break, then I took 20 minutes with Frank to give him a review of my visit. The course went very well, Frank gives a clean personality unique teaching, which is rather an asset. Obviously the professor has a mastery of his subject and long teaching experience and this is seen in his own way of being and teaching. He is relaxed, comfortable and knows how to make students comfortable too. His course is very well structured in his mind, because even if he talks a lot and gives many examples, nevertheless he does not deviate from his subject nor his guideline. He has a great knowledge of his subject and the desire to pass, he supports his specific explanations and references. He's an educated man, who wants his students to benefit from his knowledge and we feel it. The peculiarity of his teaching is that he builds his course as an 'investigation', which keeps the students in breath and maintains a constant attention. This captivating way to conduct his course also allows excellent participation of students who ask questions as and when. Questions to which he could answer each of them clearly with precision by giving satisfaction to the participants and making links with the content of his subject. Regularly he asks students to make them participate in the "investigation", and thus give them the possibility to express or to rekindle their knowledge. I find this didactic process excellent. The pace of the course and of the Professor is quite slow, but it seems perfectly suited to allow participants to "store" all the theory and the volume of information provided to them. It was the first meeting between the teacher and his class, thanks to his personality, his physique, his natural authority and knowledge, the “current” was established very quickly, climate and atmosphere were relaxed and respectful. The students were curious, but obviously they already had good knowledge of the subject. Physically, Frank moves easily in the room, he uses his arms in large movements to clarify his remarks, which helps memorization.

Mrs. Delarue - Reims France

Dear Mr. Adamski, You are a great man for creating this treatment It will greatly relieve the suffering of many people I am twenty two years old and first started having problems with constipation five years ago The surgical team performed a..........? test on my body Since I have been undergoing your treatment for three months, I am feeling much better and am beginning to live a normal life again This is the reason I want to continue the treatment and I hope my doctor will be of the opinion that it is no longer necessary for me to take any further medicine Thank you for all your help.

Claudia Calistri - Beauty Salon

Dear Mr. Adamski, I want to give a testimony that since I did your course and experienced your treatment in February 2001 I can now go to the bathroom five times a week without any laxative This is a miracle! For fifteen years I have suffered with severe constipation I was unable to go to the bathroom unless I took laxatives I started your course four months ago, and today I can go to the bathroom without laxatives I really appreciate the beneficial effects of your treatment, and having experienced it directly, I have no hesitation in recommending your method to my clients.

Mr. Richard Gerbaudi - Police Officer Assistant

I've met Frank Laporte Adamski in 1985, while I had significant responsibilities in an organization,(reunions, general assemblies) a lot of stress and fatigue... I was very often subject to a colitis (pain of colon on the right side of the body), the pain forced me to follow a strict diet (mandatory cooked vegetables, sauces and meats prohibited...) in addition to taking drugs daily. A GP (ahead of his time) tells me after the third visit in 1 month and a half: “you'll still come see me often?” and he tells me in the wake the coordinates of a young osteopath who has just moved: Mr. Frank Laporte Adamski. At the first session, M.Adamski explained to me his technique and the food adjustment based on olive oil, the ensuing weeks have allowed me to 'live' normally. Since 1985, I apply the Adamski method in terms of food and I didn't have any colitis in my life again, although I am far from a few thousand kilometers from someone I consider a great deal for his knowledge.

Brigitte Franzkowiak - Nurse

We have a little girl of 5 years who suffers from chronic constipation since the beginning of "solid" nutrition. She suffered from abdominal pain almost permanent day and night, and we resorted to laxatives because the diet was not enough. As a result, she did not gain weight for lack of intake. She was hospitalized twice in emergency for sub-occlusion with a massive aerophagia every time. Many biological and radiological tests revealed nothing and we did not have information on her symptoms while she had undergone considerable physical and psychological trauma. We have heard about the method of Doctor Adamski and have consulted with him. His food method has been radical on the evolution of our little girl. The pain disappeared very quickly, she found sleep and have no constipation problem anymore. She quickly understood the interest of an easy access regime, even for a 5 year’s old little girl. Today, everything is fine, and we continue the method without difficulty.

Francesca Boragina

Good evening Frank, thanks for your message. I say well, this method takes part, now and by default, in my advices on food hygiene, the exclusive manual massage and the full program I could apply it only on a few patients with success in adapting their diet according to their field and intolerances of the time, but in 90% I integrate it as part of my therapeutic massage and I talk about the diet only if the person is receptive and ready for this food revolution. The past year the handedness of the abdomen I used it in the intro of the anti-cellulite massage and in the program I gave the following of the 3 Adamski rules with good returns. But from this year on I do more esthetic massages, despite the great demand, I have no pleasure, I dedicate myself in therapy. Several patients intrigued by your book exposed in the waiting room asked me to have a copy, but all I could do is get my only copy of this book from client to client, because it's impossible to order it from a bookseller. If I could have more copies in the next training we get together it would be nice. My intention is in the short term to better develop and propose this method alone, I would add it also on my Web site (update coming soon). Me I practice this method since the day of the training and I lived quite intensely each phase with disorders “come da copione” but after 4 months, skin problems, painful, and many other problems rules were gone; It's been almost 1 year that I practice it in addition to other therapeutic practices, and I've never fallen sick, a TOP immune system!


I am devouring your book, only happiness and I still feel great on my stomach I'm not bloated anymore thanks and many good things to you jacky thank you and good oil! Let me know ok no problem see you soon 5 marzo 21:02 Hello Frank, it’s almost 3 weeks that I discovered this technique, seriously, I still feel very good, I feel that my belly is losing volume, good transit, following of the simple method, without knocking my head, my patients are getting more interested in this method and my wife and daughter serve as model, result of happiness, thanks again for the nice course and hope to meet again or get along amicably.