Workshops & Next Classes

Proposed courses

Regularly, Frank Laporte-Adamski offers you courses (manual techniques and cooking classes).

Frank Laporte Adamski offers you to go further in learning the method by taking part of complete courses addressed to general public but also to professionals :

For the public

Cooking class to incorporate the concept of fast food and slow food: in the form of workshop from 1 to 3 days to receive treatment and eat 4 daily meals following the Adamski food adjustment.

For professionals

3-day course to learn the various techniques of abdominal massage and 2-day course for cranial technique.

Next workshop

Next workshop 3 days 27-30 september 2024


Residential 3 days Adamski method: vito accommodation and treatments.

870€ per person in the Mountain.Paradise Deluxe-Double room

all inclusive. 870€ for 3 nights

27-30 septembre 2024 to improve intestinal transit and deflate the belly. Theme Digest

at the price of € 870 per person for 3 nights in a double room, all included, treatments and access to the water and sauna area, Adamski menu method by Theodor Falser Michelin-starred chef.

The residential Adamski is a wonderful opportunity to live moments of pure relaxation and effective " remise en forme" in the charming setting of the Dolomites staying in the cozy and luxurious Engel Hotel.

On this occasion we propose to make you appreciate and understand the food combinations of the "Adamski Method" but revised and cured by the skill of the starred chef Theodor Falser.

In addition to the daily manual on the abdomen (TRA©) proposed and carried out by Mr. r Adamski itself, you will enjoy treatments , out package, targeted to regain a dazzling and perfect shape in the body, mind and.... in the soul. The Adamski package of 3 days provides :

2 Hands-On Abdomen /1 Engel Aroma Massage /Enter the Spa world.

Next classes

Next lessons of the body and face


What does the Adamski® method propose?

A Manual Rebalancing Technique of the Abdomen: TRA ©

To be performed on clients, to help their digestive tract work better and start again!

This way you get a belly that deflates from the top to the bottom

This manual technique is learned with a course and is combined with other aesthetic treatments: poultices, pressotherapy, drainage, cold bands, lymphatic drainage, palper-rouler,.

The Adamski® method has developed a project on measures with the 3 months of the Adamski®method !!

Manipulation of the abdomen. It is a rebalancing technique that originates from fascia-pulsology, a distant cousin of osteopathy, and consists of a five-point maneuver carried out by means of light pressures capable of restoring the correct circulatory and energy flow.

Only trained and certified operators can perform it.

But what is fasciapulsology? The bands to which this discipline refers are thin membranes of connective tissue that envelop, support, protect and connect bones and muscles, bowels, nerves and blood vessels ... imagine them a bit like an immense spider's web!

Very sensitive to any form of stress, physical or psychological, these tissues tend to contract at any slightest aggression. Such contractions usually go unnoticed; at least as long as they become too many, they give rise to more or less serious diseases.

For example, if these contractions hinder circulation, the blood will not be able to feed the cells satisfactorily, and the body will suffer. Rebalancing the connective tissues through fasciapulsology, in that case, means working to harmonize arterio-venous circulation and, indirectly, lymphatic flow, and facilitate cellular exchanges.

By releasing the fasciae, the fasciapulsologist re-establishes the autonomic system, and therefore the metabolism!

It usually takes about four sessions to restore the proper physiological functioning of the abdomen, naturally combined with proper way of introducing the meals in the digest pipe.

TRA© Tecnica Riequilibrante dell'Addome metodo Adamski

iscrizione all’albo nazionale ASI N° 201910237. 4 giorni.

à Paris : 02 Juin 2024 pour le nouveau cours " liberation emotionelle de l'abdomen"

  03-04 septembre pour le corps TRA©

  06 novembre per les Massages du Monde  

  07 novembre per le stretching des artères

a Roma : 

a Milano : 14-15 juillet 2024 et 22-23 septembre  pour le corps TRA©; ESCONTO de 30 %.

   13-14 Octobre et 24-25 novembre .

24 mars 2024 pour le nouveau cours " les massages du Monde".

a Treviso : 

a Vérone : 08 juillet 2024 pour le nouveau cours " les massages du Monde"..

a Nyon (Suisse) : 21-22-23-24 Octobre 2024 pour le corps TRA©

et 25-26 Octobre pour le visage.

a Genève : 19-20.21  Novembre 2024  pour le corps TRA©

    et 09-10 Novembre 2024 pour le visage ;

à Domicile  à partir de  3/5 allievi

total 1100€ for the 4 days .

Brand Francise Adamski®


We have opened the "Franchising" of the Adamski® method at the Hotel Resort & Spa with Restaurant around the world; and to the fitness centers, beauty institutes, rehabilitation studios .... with exclusive areas!

The proposed manual sessions

In addition to the food adjustment, Frank Laporte-Adamski offers several types of manual techniques according to your needs.

  • analysis of your diet on a daily basis
  • the fundamentals of the Adamski method
  • the golden rules for your food hygiene
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  • handedness on the abdomen
  • reflex technique
  • aromatherapy
  • body handedness
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  • technique in 6 points
  • improve legs circulation
  • promotes venous return
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  • the sympathicotherapy
  • cranial handedness
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